Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 13, January 2023 
Assessment of ejaculatory function in men undergoing malleable penile prosthesis implant surgery

Pages 1-5

Ahmed Abdelhady Moussa; Osama Shaeer; Yasser Salem Saleh; Doaa Abdulkader Sayed; mohamed abdelfatah farag

Comparative study between transverse and longitudinal incisions in microTESE in nonobstructive azoospermic patients

Pages 1-6

Ahmed abdelhady moussa; medhat kamel Amer; Hosam H. Awad; Hala ahmed Saleh; mohamed abdelfatah

Adverse sexual effects of COVID-19 in a sample of Egyptian male patients

Pages 1-7

Ihab Younis; Ahmad Saleh; Asmaa Waheed Tharwat; karem Taha khalil

COVID-19-induced seminal alterations in Qalyubbia Governorate, Egypt

Pages 1-6

Ihab Younis; Ahmed Abd El Wahab Saleh; Youstina Gamal Gerges; karem Taha khalil