The validated Arabic version of sexual health inventory for men questionnaire as a screening method for erectile dysfunction in outpatient clinic patients

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1 Department of Andrology, faculty of medicine, Cairo University

2 Department of Andrology and Sexual medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University

3 Andrology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Cairo, EGYPT

4 Cairo University


Background: Erectile dysfunction affects an estimated 20% of men older than 40 years, and the risk is increased with
increasing age and comorbidities. Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM) Arabic version is a validated abbreviated version of International Index of Erectile Function.
Aim: To evaluate the benefit of using the validated Arabic version of SHIM questionnaire as a screening tool for ED in Kasr
AlAiny outpatient clinics’ patients with main complaints other than ED.
Patients and Methods: A cross sectional study included outpatients of Kasr AlAiny Clinic with complaints other than
ED. 550 patients were interviewed, 415 of them agreed to be enrolled in the study after an informed written consent. After answering the validated Arabic version of the SHIM questionnaire, workup for definite diagnosis and proper management have been offered to those with score less than 21.
Results: Among studied cases, 112 (27%) had no ED, 128 (30.8%) mild, 98 (23.6%) mild to moderate, 48 (11.6%) moderate,
and 29 (7%) severe ED. Responders had a mean age 49.1±12.8 years, mean age for sexual partner 44.4±12.2 years and mean duration of marriage 21.2±12.4 years. Higher severity of ED was more commonly reported among older age groups, older age of sexual partner, and longer duration of marriage (P = 0.0001 for all). There was a strong negative correlation between age, age of partner and duration of marriage with total SHIM indicating ED severity (r=-0.66, -0.66 and -0.62 respectively, P = 0.0001 in all). Smoking index had a significant impact on ED severity (P =0.0001) where non-smokers reported no or mild ED while heavy and moderate smokers had higher prevalence of severe ED.
Conclusion: Estrogen receptor alpha gene polymorphism has a role in the female sexual function by affecting certain domains in the sexual function.


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