Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 11, April 2021 (Published articles) 
Semen parameters in Egyptian diabetic patients and its correlation with glycosylated hemoglobin level: A case - control study

Pages 1-6

Emad Eldien Kamal; AYA BADRAN; Walaa Khalifa; Angham Mahgoob; Mohammed Abukrisha; Reham M Abdel Gaber

Life may not begin after 60 : Sexuality in women after the age of 60

Pages 1-8

Ihab Younis; Menhaha A Ibrahim; Radwa Ashraf; Osama Hussein Abdel salam

Assessment of erectile function among patients with chronic kidney disease : A case–control study

Pages 1-6

Nashaat Ismail; Emad el din Kamal; Mohamed Abd El Fattah Farag; Nancy Samaan; Hany Mohamed Saad

Evaluation of seminal plasma interleukin 17 in infertile males

Pages 1-5

ahmed Abdel- Bary Abdel-Latif; dalia elnilly; nouran abo khedr; Walid Alamiri