Assessment of erectile function among patients with chronic kidney disease : A case–control study

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Andrology, beni suef university, faculty of medicine

2 Dermatology, and Andrology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University

3 Assistant professor of Andrology and STDS, Andrology Department Faculty of Medicine Cairo University.

4 Dermatology Department, Beni Suef General Hospital

5 lecturer of andrology, faculty of medicine suez canal university, Ismalia, egypt


Objective: The aim was to assess the effect of chronic kidney disease (CKD) on erectile function.
Patients and Methods: This study included 40 patients on hemodialysis (HD), 40 patients on medical treatment [predialysis (PD)], and 20 controls. They were assessed using international index of erectile function questionnaire andlaboratory investigations (blood urea, serum creatinine, and both total and free testosterone).
Results: The mean age in HD patients was 42.20±5.08 years, in PD patients was 43.83±6.59 years,and in control group, it was 42.10±5.66 years, with no significant difference among the three groups (P=0.383). Overall, 10% of HD patients had severe degree of erectile dysfunction (ED) in comparison with only 2.5% of PD patients, with no patient experiencing severe ED in the control group. There was a significant difference among the three groups regarding the grade of ED (P<0.001). The mean free testosterone levels in HD, PD,and control groups were 3.78±2.09, 3.84±1.36, and 7.36±2.33, respectively, which showed a significant difference (P<0.001). There was a statistically significant relationship between age and grade of ED in HD patients (P=0.002). However, in the PD patient group, there was no relation between age and ED grade (P=0.819). There was no relation between total and free testosterone levels in HD and PD patients and their ED grade (P>0.05).
Conclusion: CKD has deleterious effect on erectile function which was more severe in patients on HD than those on medical treatment. Free testosterone level was significantly reduced in patients with CKD. There was a relationship between age of HD patients and severity of ED. No relationships were found between severity of ED and disease duration, serum testosterone level (total and free), blood urea, and serum creatinine in patients with CKD.


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