Keywords = sexuality
Life may not begin after 60 : Sexuality in women after the age of 60

Volume 11, Issue 11, April 2021, Pages 1-8

Ihab Younis; Menhaha A Ibrahim; Radwa Ashraf; Osama Hussein Abdel salam

Nonpenetrative sexuality of never-married young women: An Egyptian experience

Volume 10, Published Articles, 2020, Pages 1-6

Ihab Younis; Ghada M. Abdel-Khalik; Hala Abo Bakr

Characters and Significance of Female Breasts in Relation to Female Sexuailty

Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2017, Pages 50-57

Ihab Younis; Osama Abdelsalam; Ahmed Mohammed Hamed; Doaa Samy