Characters and Significance of Female Breasts in Relation to Female Sexuailty

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Dermatology and andrology, Benha Faculty of Medicine, Benha university, Egypt


Purpose: The current study was conducted to obtain information about how a sample of Egyptian women and their husbands look at their own breasts, other women's breasts, and the sexual function of breast during intercourse. Method: Self-report questionnaire, designed by the investigators. It included 303 married women with an age range of 18-48 years. Aim: It aimed to obtain information about demography, characters of participants own breast as well as other women's breasts and also the views of their husbands.
Results: The most common shape was "Full on top breast" with reddish brown areolas. The commonest bra size was medium. Most participants thought that large breasts are uncomfortable and only (11.55%) of them would like to have a breast augmentation surgery. "Full on top & bottom" breast shape was the preferred shape. Most participants said that breast size does affect female attractiveness. A majority of responders said that their husbands were satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts. Participants would like their husbands to stimulate their breasts during coitus orally and manually. The ability to reach orgasm by breast stimulation only during coitus was reported by (15.51%) of participants.
Conclusion: The significance of female breasts as a sexual organ must be emphasized especially to the male partner. Some women can reach orgasm by the mere stimulation of their breasts. The study outlined the importance of oral and manual stimulation of breast during foreplay.