Keywords = Azoospermia
Comparative study between transverse and longitudinal incisions in microTESE in nonobstructive azoospermic patients

Volume 13, Issue 13, January 2023, Pages 1-6

Ahmed abdelhady moussa; medhat kamel Amer; Hosam H. Awad; Hala ahmed Saleh; mohamed abdelfatah

Seminal clusterin level as a predictor for spermatogenesis before testicular sperm extraction

Volume 12, Issue 12, April 2022, Pages 1-8

Emad el din Kamal; Azza S. Hassan; Amal Hosni; Aya Badran

The Frequency of Chromosomal Abnormalities and Y Chromosome Microdeletions in Infertile Non-Obstructive Azoospermic and Severe Oligozoospermic Males

Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2017, Pages 36-48

Moheb M. Abdel-Razek; Ezzat S. Elsobky; Yousry M. Moustafa; Moustafa Ahmed Elsaied; Shreif Refaat