Shaeer’s purse-string closure of inflatable penile implant corporotomies

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Andrology, Kasr El Aini Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt


Introduction: In order to close the corporotomies over an inflatable penile implant, one of the two approaches are utilized, either oversewing with running sutures or tying the stay sutures on either sides of the corporotomies. The former has the advantage of being watertight thereby avoiding hematoma formation, and the disadvantages are the risk of puncturing the implant cylinders and the process is time consuming.
ِAim: The technique herein provides watertight closure of the corporotomies with short operative time as an alternative.
Patients and Methods: Before insertion of the implant cylinders, a continuous suture line is preplaced in the form of an inverted U around the corporotomies on both corpora, using Vicryl 20/ suture material. Following insertion of the implant, the ends of the suture lines are pulled tight and tied as a purse string. The technique was applied in 18 cases of three-piece inflatable implants.
Results:Overall, the purse-string technique closed the corporotomies successfully in 18100%( 18/) cases of the three-piece inflatable penile prostheses. Neither hematomas nor puncturing of the cylinders were encountered.
Conclusion: Shaeer’s purse-string closure of penile implant corporotomies provides watertight closure with short operative time as an alternative to oversewing and tying the stay sutures.